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How to Setup Port Forwarding for Gaming

What is Port Forwarding?

Port Forwarding is a common technique used by the VPNs to allow external devices access to computer services while on private networks. Port forwarding is usually used to keep unwanted traffic off networks so that one IP address can be used for external communications, while multiple dedicated servers remain available for the internal tasks.

How to use Port Forwarding for Gamers

A lot of games require you to set up a port forward. Since it is directly dependent on your internet connection, you will need to set it up through any of your devices – PS4, Xbox or PC, etc.

Here is the step by step process you need to follow for port forwarding with Ivacy VPN

Step 1: Go to Ivacy’s Member Area and enter your Login ID and Password
Step 2: Go to “Port Forwarding”
Step 3: Check “Block all ports but enable the following”
Step 4: Enter your desired port

How to Port Forward on your Router

Here is the step by step process you need to follow, to port forward on your router:

Step 1: Open your browser and go to your router’s IP address.
Step 2: Locate your router’s port forwarding section
Step 3: Input the IP address of your PC in the correct box of your router’s interface
Step 4: Input the TCP and UDP ports in the relevant boxes of your router’s interface

You may have to reboot your computer for the changes to take effect.

Ivacy VPN’s Port Forwarding Addon – An Incredibly Easy and Secure Way to Open Ports

Ivacy VPN’s Port Forwarding Add-on makes it possible for you to avoid going through changing different router settings. Moreover, with the help of this add-on, you can forward or open the UDP/TCP ports, strengthening your connection to the game’s server as a result.

How Port Forwarding for Gamers can help your Gaming?

The reason is basically how port forwarding actually works. Port Forwarding lets you command your network router to follow a specific route, meaning that your connection will follow the same route every time. As a result, the time for the connection to reach its final destination gets reduced, significantly.

Let’s say you are traveling to New York City. But, if you don’t know the route taking you there, you will need to constantly look it up on  Google maps, or even ask around, increasing the ETA significantly. However, if you knew the route, you would be able to get there in no time. This is exactly how port forwarding for gaming functions. Rather than having your connection look for the route to the gaming server, you define the path yourself, so it knows where it has to reach, exactly. Therefore, port forwarding goes a long way to improving performance.

Port Forwarding as per Games

Here is how you can learn how to port forward as per the different games available for play

How to Open Ports for League of Legends
Opening ports for PUBG
Port Forwarding for Hearthstone
How to Open Ports for Street Fighter V
Fortnite Ports for Port Forwarding

Is the External IP address mapped to the Internal IP Address?

Only the external port is mapped. The external IP address is not mapped.

Which one should I use – A static IP address or an address assigned by DHCP?

The preference must always be for a static one.

How do I find out whether my device has a static address or dynamic?

You need to go to the device settings to find this out.

Is there a way to find out, which port I need to forward?

All you need to do is find out, which port the service you want to use, is using. Most home routers have a list of common games and apps which you need to select and the ports get selected automatically.

How do I know if my configuration is correct? 

An online port forwarding checker can be used to check that the ports are open.

What do you mean by a strict NAT?

As per Microsoft, there are three levels of NAT – Strict, Moderate and Open.  Devices with a strict NAT can impact Xbox gamers.

Port Forwarding for Gamers holds great importance as it helps significantly during the gameplay and lets you perform better. However, do not forget to use a cybersecurity tool before you proceed. Ivacy VPN can help greatly in that regard.


Published on September 26, 2019